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[Figures] Alpha x Omega’s Christmas Present for us

Here she comes!!! Been waiting for Alpha x Omega to come out with this! Would’ve been better if it was the figure itself, but painted prototype and release information is good too lol.



Sexy Villetta Nu comin April 2009 for 6615yen (probably less for people preordering). Sculpted by Inagaki You, who also sculpted AxO’s C.C. and Bunny Kallen. Appearance on their webpage should mean preorders bein thrown up at stores around the net.

Though i love her body (awww yeaaa), her face seems a bit less cat-like in quality than Bandai’s emotion style version, which is something I liked… Oh well, I need me some Villetta in my collection. Think she’ll come with a seifuku part or somethin too which looks a bit odd on her in my opinion.

I think the particular shade and shading work of her skin also makes her look a bit more naturally dark skinned, rather than Bandai’s version which imo made her look more like she was “tanned”. Neither really bothers me, though I guess I like the “tanned” look a little better.

In the end, I passed up on emotion style Villetta to wait for the longshot (at the time) of the announcement of Alpha x Omega’s version. Looking back now though, I really like Villetta and may end up getting both of her. o_O

Image from Alpha x Omega

Happy Holidays everybody!


[Figures] Alpha x Omega Villetta Nu and others

*huffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuff* hnnnnnnnnngggggggg (← so excited I went into minor convulsions). I’m glad I was talked into passing on emotionstyle’s Villeta, also in the mizugi kissa outfit. She is sculpted by Inagaki You, who also did AxO’s upcoming bunny girl Kallen, as well as C.C. Not sure when the release is though. The first is the dreadful wait to see it painted….and second for it to open up for preorders…



Image from the latest Hobby Japan preview scans from Figure / GK. Here are the scans available:

Strike Witches, Nanoha StrikerS, Code Geass


Queen’s Blade and Gate (interesting limited leopard print version Alice)




Spice and Wolf, IdolM@ster, Kannagi, Candy Boy, Penguin Musume, Gurren Lagann


Seto no Hanayome figma, Busou Shinki, some Volks stuff


Queen’s Gate Shiranui Mai







And here’s a little somethin that looked nice. Not sure if this is also from Hobby Japan, but it shows some Macross F prize or trading figures, or some kind of contest or whatever, I dunno. In any case though the Shirley, Klan, and Ranka figures on the left look pretty nice :O Kira☆ lol


So yea…in other news, I’m still kickin, but pretty tired every night these days, so I’ve been seriously lagging behind with Cherry Girls and other updates in general. I’ve been sittin on a work in progress for the Cherry Girls story from two weeks ago, so I’ve not given up on it yet lol. A new story coming out today, so I’m gonna have to pull some double time soon because I don’t want the number of these to build up too much… I’m thankful that they’re breaking from the mini-column while they prepare for various events haha.


[Anime] Code Geass R2 ending and comic

So, what’d you all think of the ending to Code Geass R2? A lot of people seem to be clamoring for a “Lelouch is alive and boning C.C. all day long living a happy life with C.C.” ending (which I think seems to be the more rabid fanbase… >.> lol), but personally I think that he really took one for the world, and that is not Lelouch driving the cart at the end. He’d already made his resolve to sacrifice himself when he devised the Zero Requiem with Suzaku, C.C., and probably Orange, and Lelouch is the kind of guy that when he sets a goal, he goes for it (duh…he was Emperor of Britannia and pretty much the freakin world). He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take the “Haha suckers I win in the end” way out after what he’s been through to have his cake and eat it too. *points at Schneizel*

To have him be alive at the end for me kinda cheapens the events that preceded it; The entire emotional realization from key characters that no, he wasn’t the megalomaniac emperor everybody thinks he is, but the savior of the world.

This image I put together of Nunnally really gets to me… not because it’s loli in chains (who is really super skinny ><), but because of what happens right after she has that look T_T


Anyway, that’s my personal view on it. I guess the ending was made for this kind of speculation to be raised across the net. Everybody has their views on it, and it doesn’t seem like any amount of persuading is working on anybody from either side (I’ve already been snapped at by the other camp at the HongFire forums, when I was just sayin something about it >.>). There is the thing with Nunnally being able to see Lelouch’s memories, thus him having the Code and reviving at some later point in time, which looks suspicious for my case, but let’s just say…the Code works in mysterious ways… >.>


ANYWAY, the point of this post was that a member from HongFire’s CGR2 discussion thread (thanks, S&T) posted this single comic page in japanese. Dunno where he got it from, but for fans of the Lelouch-is-alive ending, this is for you. I translated it so it can give you guys that warm fuzzy feeling from the ending you’ve been looking for lol. The Lelouch-is-dead camp doesn’t need anything to support it, because that’s what happened ;P (lol just kidding…*hides*)


[Figures] Code Geass – Kallen and Viletta from CharaHobby 2008

So I mentioned a little while ago that B-Club’s polystone bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Viletta were going to make the jump to PVC, possibly in a different form/pose, but definitely with the same outfits. Well I guess they ended up pretty much being a direct copy of the B-Club versions, which is what I hoped for when the polystones were first announced…so huzzah! Bandai’s started a new line of figures called “emotion style,” and Kallen and Viletta will be the first to be released. Along with Bandai’s offerings, Alpha x Omega’s own bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Shirley made a painted appearance as well.



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[Figures] Code Geass girls

Ahhh my dreams of having a harem of Code Geass girls answering my every whim with “Yes, My Honey!” is slowly coming to fruition……sort of…ok not really, but this is the next best thing. From Figure/GK, scans of the latest Hobby Japan issue have revealed Alpha x Omega’s upcoming bunny girl Kallen/Karen and swimsuit maid waitress Shirley, which were announced at the last WF. Also picked out was a bit of news regarding upcoming PVC releases of currently polystone only bunny girl Kallen and bikini Viletta (both polystone versions from Bandai Hobby’s B-club).



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[Figures] More awesomeness to look out for in the coming year (Megahouse and Niθ heavy!)

Good news from Heisei Democracy, who’s gotten a hold of a preview of the upcoming June issue of Hobby Japan, courtesy of 2ch’s board for hobbyists. Lots of nice figures including Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice boost (adult) version, a painted Queen’s Blade Melona, and some Code Geass trading figures from Bandai. More stuff after the jump.




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