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[Figures] New Queen’s Blade stuff

I dunno about you but I always love Queen’s Blade news. The latest news comes courtesy of Shingo at HeiseiDemocracy, who found an early preview of the May issue of japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan over on japanese image board 2chan. The preview covers PVC figures of Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice (produced by Alpha x Omega, a joint effort between Megahouse and Alter), Queen’s Blade’s Assassin of a Thousand Faces Melona (Megahouse), a resin kit of QB’s Warrior Miko Tomoe (Griffon’s R-Line), and the revelation of a new QB character to debut alongside Combat Instructor Arein in June.



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[figures] final look at Griffon’s Ryomou Shimei maid and Teni

Shots of the final production version of Griffon’s Ryomou Shimei have *finally* been released, after being open for preorders almost 3 weeks ago. Griffon’s Teni DX version which made her debut at the recent WonderFest this past February is also open for preorder now along with completed shots. Teni looks to have a battle scarred clothing look similar to Kanu Unchou’s DX limited version (down to the same left nipple exposed), also from Griffon. Ryomou looks like she won’t let anybody near her so no tattered clothing for her, though she is showing off some nice cleavage.

shots taken from
Ryomou Shimei maid version
Teni gothloli(?) red version


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[figures] lusting after new figures from WonderFest

HOLY CRAP, I thought Heisei Democracy’s Hobby Japan preview a couple days back was mindblowing, well the barrage of pics from WonderFest from various hobby sites just gave me a total braingasm x5. This isn’t a complete coverage by any means (I’ll leave it to the folks who are actually getting the news to do that), but I picked out a number of mostly PVC figures that caught my eye and immediately induced high levels of “DO WANT”.

Images taken from various sources:
AkibaBlog | AkibaHobby
AkibaOS | Heisei Democracy
HobbyDog | Insecure Zone
Ota★Suke | Unjust Area


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[figures] Completed versions of a few WonderFest releases. *updated*

A couple days back in the valentine’s post I mentioned a little about the resin kits (of interest) that Griffon will be selling at WonderFest. Today they updated their page with sample pics of what the completed versions of their Queen’s Blade Echidna and Ikkitousen Teni look like. Unfortunately still no completed look at Tomoe. Even though she’s only on display at the event, it’d be nice if they displayed a completed look. Another figure that’s just been completed is Reflect’s new Cammy.




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[ero] Happy Valentines Day (or Single Awareness Day)~

So what’s everybody doing today? Receive any nice chocolates? I’m havin a pretty normal sad here, which is why I’ve got nothing better to do than to post a couple things here at this time of day. The promo movie for Tsukiakari was released, and Griffon released some information on upcoming Wonderfest resin cast garage kits (don’t really care about this), which hopefully will make the leap to completed PVC or resin & coldcast completed figures (this I do care about lol).



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[figures] limited wonderfest & new releases

Heisei Democracy‘s got an early two scoops of raisins on the contents of this month’s soon to hit the streets Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby magazines!

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