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[Figures] Latest Shining Wind figures (niiiice!)

Yay new Shining Wind figures~
Shine na Blog recently updated with nice news for Shining Wind fans as well as progress shots of three new figures to be coming out, two presumably by Kotobukiya and one from Orchid Seed. First off is that the latest Shining Wind artbook from Tony has been selling very well, and merchandise makers who have taken a look at the book have come to the producer of the series (the guy who runs Shine na Blog) asking if they can create some goods based on the artwork found within. No reason for a guy to refuse, right? So it looks like there’ll be quite a bit more Shining Wind goods coming in the future.


So first good news out of the way, next comes the good stuff, the new figures. I think the latest two are based on artwork in the new book from a maker, and the other one is from the Fan Festa software for PC (one of those things that has a collection of desktop themes/wallpapers/screen savers/etc). The third figure is based off a short novel surrounding Shining Wind.


First up is most likely from the artbook, and from the goods makers. According to the site she’s 90% complete and it sure looks like it. She is Celestia, Elven Queen of the Forest Kingdom of Astraea. Xecty was made in her image.



The second figure is a maid version of Clalaclan Philias which is roughly 60% complete and looks like she’s based off the Fan Festa stuff.

hires version at moe imouto


They are both totally :drool: I can’t wait for them to be painted! They may be the best Shining figures yet imo… I especially like Celestia’s flower ornament thing in her hair…


The third figure is Shiina Kanon, and she is from Orchid Seed. The illustration she’s based off of is the Tony illustrated cover of a short novel based on Shining Wind called “Another Link – Onifuuji no Kenshi” (the demon exorcist fencer or something like that, referring to Shiina).


She’s rockin the twin tails for your TT lovers 😛


[Anime] Queen’s Blade stuff

A new PV for 2009’s Queen’s Blade anime is floatin around. Check it out! Looks good for what most people might see as just a fanservice anime lol. Character designs by Rinshin, who’s done many a hentai series including the class La Blue Girl, Twin Angels, Words Worth, and also worked design and animation for Elfen Lied, To-Love-Ru, and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (info pulled from wiki..yay). Confirmed characters include the latest characters introduced into the QB universe Arein and Aldora. Joining them will be the sisters Reina, Erina, and Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Echidna, Melona, Listy, Nowa, Cattleya, Yuumil, Airi, Menasu and Shizuka. There may be others that weren’t shown in the trailer as well.


In other Queen’s Blade (or rather Gate) news, the latest news to come out from Comiket75 (which just started yesterday or so), is the announcement of a new character in the Queen’s Gate universe. Continuing with the line of characters from fighting games (previously Iroha and Mai from Samurai Spirits), comes the character Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series.

Image from AkibaHobby. More C75 coverage at the link.
Also check out Moeyo’s coverage. Nagi Nendoroid!.
When you’re done with that, you can check out some beautiful sunset shots of the Tokyo Big Sight at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of C75, this is completely random for this post, but I liked it so I wanna post it lol.

Beautiful looking Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica) figure from Kotobukiya and GA. Full sample coverage of her over at GA Graphic.


[Figures] Latest Shining Wind figure

Shine na Blog today just revealed some prototype shots of the next figure to come in the Shining Wind series of figures by Kotobukiya. She is apparently named Elmina Rhoderia (according to Figure/GK), from a new game in the Shining series, Shining Wind X (pronounced Cross). I guess this makes the 9th figure not counting the Noir version of Clalaclan.





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[Figures] New Kotobukiya and Megahouse preorders

Amiami updated for July 7th a few figures that look like they might pique the interests of some people. First off from Kotobukiya are two figures: Minamoto Chizuru figure from Kanokon (finally!) and their next Dead or Alive Venus on the Beach figure, Kokoro. From Megahouse is a girl in a china dress from an old OAV series called Spirit of Wonder: China-san no Yuuutsu.





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[Figures] Shining Wind Ryuuna’s frontal debut

A couple days back Shining series blog Shine na blog updated with some new shots of Kotobukiya‘s new Ryuuna figure (9th in the series so far. More on the way most likely!). Her face is now presented to the world, but not yet painted. A colored version is expected to make an appearance at the upcoming WonderFest.






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[Figures] Kotobukiya Blanc Neige & Noir Clalaclan

Akibahobby has a sample review of Blanc Neige, and Shining Tears/Wind blog Shine na Blog has revealed that Kotobukiya will be releasing an alternate dark color scheme for the first figure in their Shining Wind series of figures, Clalaclan Philias. Both look deliciously pleasing ^^





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[Figures] The elegant ice mage Blanc Neige

The blog about all things Shining Tears/Wind, Shine na Blog, has unveiled pictures of a painted look for Kotobukiya’s next in line in their Shining Wind series of figures, Blanc Neige. Looking quite good! Blanc Neige’s original announcement has already prompted me to preorder Elwing and consider Kureha as well as the other female cast members previously released by Kotobukiya.





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