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[Figures] Oh I wish I could build and paint kits…

Japanese online shop Amiami has revealed what they are planning to sell at the upcoming Wonderfest Summer 2008, which I think is coming up just next week (the same weekend as Square Enix’s invite only fan event, DKΣ3713!). They have two garage kits and some character goods featuring their mascot character, Amiko. The garage kits are the kinds that pop up every now and then that make me wish yet again that I knew how to properly build and paint kits with any degree of competency… And even if I could, they are Wonderfest exclusives anyway. T_T



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[Review] Alter’s Franco Il Nero, “Ptew Ptew! Gotcha!”

When I first started this blog, I originally intended for it to be an outlet for photography, which I’d just started learning about, and anime figures, also which I’d just started collecting. Over the course of the months though, I haven’t done nearly as much figure photography as I’d wanted to. Hopefully though, this’ll start getting me back into things going into the future (you don’t have my word on that lol)! So anyway, finally after months of waiting, one of my very first figure preorders finally makes her way into my hands!

The quote in the title is from Family Guy’s Blue Harvest Star Wars special, in case you were wondering why it’s “Ptew Ptew” and not the more appropriate “Bang Bang” lol


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[Figures] More awesomeness to look out for in the coming year (Megahouse and Niθ heavy!)

Good news from Heisei Democracy, who’s gotten a hold of a preview of the upcoming June issue of Hobby Japan, courtesy of 2ch’s board for hobbyists. Lots of nice figures including Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice boost (adult) version, a painted Queen’s Blade Melona, and some Code Geass trading figures from Bandai. More stuff after the jump.




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[Figures] U-hyoooo! Alter’s new preorders!

Preorders have popped up for two of Alter’s latest offerings: Lily Salvatana from Nitroplus’ erogame Satsuriko no Jango, and Ikkitousen’s Chouun Shiryu. They are now widely available for preorder on both japanese and english stores.

Lily Salvatana: ToysLogic | Kid Nemo | HobbySearch
Chouun Shiryu: ToysLogic | Kid Nemo | HobbySearch

I’m all over Lily like icing on a cake! (and will be considering Chouun lol)





[figures] Niθ + Kotobukiya + Plamo collaboration @ Winter WonderFest 2008

Originally scooped by Shingo @ Heisei Democracy in his posts here and here from Hobby Japan magazine previews, the collaboration work between Nitroplus illustrator Niθ, figure maker Kotobukiya, model building TV program “Plamo Tsukurou Custom,” and sculptor Shirahige Tsukuru has resulted in an original figure creation that looks pretty sweet.

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[figures] GoodSmile & company @ WonderFest Winter 2k8

With the Winter 2008 Wonder Festival a little over a month away, companies have started announcing their limited edition offerings that will only be available during this event. Unfortunately for most of us that means we might not be able to get any of these, since they are made in limited quantities. I’m sure though if you’re lucky enough and keep a good look out, you might spot on occassionaly on ebay or on yahoo auctions japan, though you’ll have to use a third party intermediary service to go the YAJ route. Or I suppose if you’re lucky enough to know somebody going, you could have them try to snatch one up for ya. ANYway…Goodsmile Company has a page listing their limited edition offerings for the event. They’ve got a few nendoroids, a couple character figures, a figma figure, and a couple mech offerings.

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