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[Figures] Queen’s Gate Iroha


Pshaaww as if there were any doubt :P. So far all of the Queen’s Gate characters have made it to figure form, both general and exclusive releases (and also including both forms of Alice), so I don’t think this should have been any surprise. It was only a matter of time! Anyway, she is of course the lovely and loyal Iroha, from the fighting game series Samurai Spirits, by SNK Playmore (Queen’s Gate game book illustrated by Iidzuki Tasuku). She is open for preorders but she is a magazine exclusive (I’m guessing through the latest issue of Hobby Japan). Whether other stores will be able to get her is up in the air :\

Info and image from [Queen’s Gate]


edit: A few more pics of her at Akibablog, along with a nice, clean image (aside from the Akibablog logo) of Queen’s Gate’s newest cast member, Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series:


[Anime] Queen’s Blade stuff

A new PV for 2009’s Queen’s Blade anime is floatin around. Check it out! Looks good for what most people might see as just a fanservice anime lol. Character designs by Rinshin, who’s done many a hentai series including the class La Blue Girl, Twin Angels, Words Worth, and also worked design and animation for Elfen Lied, To-Love-Ru, and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (info pulled from wiki..yay). Confirmed characters include the latest characters introduced into the QB universe Arein and Aldora. Joining them will be the sisters Reina, Erina, and Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Echidna, Melona, Listy, Nowa, Cattleya, Yuumil, Airi, Menasu and Shizuka. There may be others that weren’t shown in the trailer as well.


In other Queen’s Blade (or rather Gate) news, the latest news to come out from Comiket75 (which just started yesterday or so), is the announcement of a new character in the Queen’s Gate universe. Continuing with the line of characters from fighting games (previously Iroha and Mai from Samurai Spirits), comes the character Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series.

Image from AkibaHobby. More C75 coverage at the link.
Also check out Moeyo’s coverage. Nagi Nendoroid!.
When you’re done with that, you can check out some beautiful sunset shots of the Tokyo Big Sight at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of C75, this is completely random for this post, but I liked it so I wanna post it lol.

Beautiful looking Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica) figure from Kotobukiya and GA. Full sample coverage of her over at GA Graphic.


[Figures] Alpha x Omega Villetta Nu and others

*huffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuff* hnnnnnnnnngggggggg (← so excited I went into minor convulsions). I’m glad I was talked into passing on emotionstyle’s Villeta, also in the mizugi kissa outfit. She is sculpted by Inagaki You, who also did AxO’s upcoming bunny girl Kallen, as well as C.C. Not sure when the release is though. The first is the dreadful wait to see it painted….and second for it to open up for preorders…



Image from the latest Hobby Japan preview scans from Figure / GK. Here are the scans available:

Strike Witches, Nanoha StrikerS, Code Geass


Queen’s Blade and Gate (interesting limited leopard print version Alice)




Spice and Wolf, IdolM@ster, Kannagi, Candy Boy, Penguin Musume, Gurren Lagann


Seto no Hanayome figma, Busou Shinki, some Volks stuff


Queen’s Gate Shiranui Mai







And here’s a little somethin that looked nice. Not sure if this is also from Hobby Japan, but it shows some Macross F prize or trading figures, or some kind of contest or whatever, I dunno. In any case though the Shirley, Klan, and Ranka figures on the left look pretty nice :O Kira☆ lol


So yea…in other news, I’m still kickin, but pretty tired every night these days, so I’ve been seriously lagging behind with Cherry Girls and other updates in general. I’ve been sittin on a work in progress for the Cherry Girls story from two weeks ago, so I’ve not given up on it yet lol. A new story coming out today, so I’m gonna have to pull some double time soon because I don’t want the number of these to build up too much… I’m thankful that they’re breaking from the mini-column while they prepare for various events haha.


[Books] Queen’s Gate Shiranui Mai goes on sale!

And a couple days early at that. Akibablog’s got a short preview of the newest Queen’s Gate book to be released, featuring Shiranui Mai as illustrated by Izumi Mahiru. That’s one sexy lady, and I may pick up the book if I can find it here locally, but that may have to wait since there are other books I’d like to get 😡

More images at Akibablog.

Special wallpaper courtesy of Hobby Channel. Limited availability from now until 11/26 only. Grab a face full of Mai in your favorite size:

She comes in 1024, 1280, and 1600 flavors. Yum!


[Figures] A figure or two at TGS2008

So not to be forgotten by the Tokyo Game Show news on actual games, there were a number of figures introduced and on display there as well. Only ones I’ve seen so far are some figures from SquareEnix (Play Arts one winged Sephiroth and Cloud are bad ass. Images posted by Baka-Mandy on TL forum), some Phoenix Wright CustomP figures by Volks, and then there’s these:

image from AkibaHobby

Ahh the lovely Shiranui Mai (displayed in the same SNK booth as her sisters I think), the latest name to be dropped into the Queen’s Gate universe. The figure is the upcoming HobbyJapan magazine mail in exclusive (My reaction duly displayed in an avatar I made to the left), is sculpted by Chorosuke of Volks, and was previously only shown in unpainted prototype form (that I’ve seen anyway). She’s pretty…so pretty…


While we’re on Queen’s Blade stuff, this magazine scans shows a peep of the upcoming Princess Knight Annelotte figure for the QB sequel series starting at the end of November, Queen’s Blade Rebellion. She’s sculpted by Kibayashi Norio, and is going to be released sometime in 2009. Kibayashi Norio sculpts seriously wonderful faces imo…


Another TGS display, an “Augmented Reality” virtual maid figure “Dennou Aris” (Computer Aris) by a company called Geisha Tokyo. They aren’t the first to create such a thing (neither is that link just now, but just an example), but I guess the first to bring it to market. You can make your own with a tool called ARToolkit, but I believe it takes a bit of programming knowhow to be able to do it, which I don’t have.

Anyway you can figure out how she works there. With the help of a decent quality webcam, you can interact with her with the help of several items with these different symbols on them, which once placed in front of the webcam tells the program it’s an object (a hand, a gift, etc), and you can use it to pull Alice’s clothes off, change her, and pester her till she cries and such. Sounds neat, but I wonder how long the initial excitement would last for an add guy like me lol. Could probably better spend (waste) time playin Hako or something lol (just released!). If she actually appeared outside of using the program though, that would just totally blow my mind. Guess we’re not that far ahead in technology yet…haha ^^;

She’s available for preorder for an October release at Play-Asia, and a January release at ToysLogic, both tentative dates.

Just as it says on Geisha Tokyo’s site, Aris wishes to serve her master soon!


[Review] Queen’s Gate – The Gate Opener Alice

Yay, I finally have a full Alice to play around with! She is one of few figures in my collection in which I had no hesitation preordering off the bat, and having her in my hands now, she doesn’t disappoint (except for an initial manufacturer’s mistake which you can read about at the end of this post). This be the opener of the Queen’s Gate, Alice!





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[Figures] Lots of Queen’s Blade goodness

The Chara Hobby event held over the weekend had quite a few goodies to show off on display, and here is what Hobby Japan had in the way of their Queen’s Blade series. A number of new announcements, as well as new figures, and a look at already in progress ones.






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