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[Cherry Girls] Cherry Girls Drama CD — The voices behind the girls (guys?)

So if anybody’s gotten tired of waiting for me to update, you’ve probably already headed on over to Hobby-Channel to read some stories and you might have also seen that they will be releasing a Drama CD at the upcoming Summer Comiket 76. This was last week. For this week, they’ve revealed who will be playing the voices of your favorite trap maids.


So what do you guys think?
The only one I really know is Kugimiya Rie and I like her voice, but imagining Zero no Tsukaima’s Louise or Rizelmine as Rio is kinda weird! haha She was different as Aisaka Taiga, but Rio is a character that has a lot of energy, so I don’t think Taiga version Rie is the right fit. I dunno though, sometimes you can only really come to like a voice once you hear them as the character.

I’ve heard Kitamura Eri in a number of her roles according to animenfo, but I can’t really place a finger on what she sounds like. I still have ToraDora around though so I took a listen to her as Ami. A bit high for Yuki? …but Ami is just one role, so I don’t think I can make an opinion on just one role.

I dunno much about Shiraishi Ryouko, so I can’t really comment much about her on Tomo lol.

And Takahashi Mikako as Nao… it’s sort of like with Yuki. I’ve heard her in a number of her roles, but can’t really remember what she sounds like lol. To be honest, I was kind of hoping Noto Mamiko would make it as Nao. Whether that is a good choice or not I dunno, but I love Noto Mamiko lol.

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