[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter

Sure has been awhile since I last had any other update besides Cherry Girls lol. Anyway a little while ago Hobby Japan held an event where fans could submit their own designs for a Queen’s Blade character. HJ has chosen a design from those submissions and seems will be giving the design her own book, but before that they want fans’ opinions on how to adapt the original design for the Queen’s Blade universe. To this end they’re holding a survey for fans to choose out of three designs, two with alternate colors. Cool stuff.










Here is the winning design submitted by QB fan Ban-san (ばんさん)

Character Concept:
What normally looks like an octopus riding on a head, during battle will become like a deity with six extensions.
With both hands and all four individual tentacles holding a weapon, she can master six different kinds of weapons on the battlefield. Holding a blade, sword and an axe among other arms, her dance will allure, but she is a dangerous enemy to have an encounter with. During battle she looks like a hindu deity with her six arms.


Character Profile:
A dancer who is a member of a tribe residing in the savage land at the southern end of the continent.
She is not just a dancer, but a fearsome, beautiful warrior. It is also said that she is the guardian of a treasure buried in the midst of ancient ruins. She is said to be a warrior sent by the gods, turning any battlefield she stands on into a sea of blood.
However, she is a mysterious warrior with unknown values, fighting not for the purpose of obtaining wealth.


The design will be adapted by artist F.S. (previously created Queen’s Blade’s Echidna, Menasu and Melona)


Type-A design. A design that’s rather faithful to the original design. The breasts and the…extra appendage is a bit larger, but that’s just a bit of F.S’ style…  
At first glance, it incorporates the original octopus on the head design.


Type-B design. A design that emphasizes the “dancer” aspect.
Since the tentacles on the head have been made into flowing cloth, it deviates a little from the original 6-armed “god of war” concept (referencing the bloody battlefield bit I guess), but her lightness and femininity have been enhanced. You can choose which color you like, white (白) or black (黒).


Type-C design. Middle ground between A and B.
A design that incoporates both the dancer aspect and the tentacles on the head into one. It also radiates an air of the original hindu god concept. Same as Type-B, choose whichever color you like.


The survey can be found here: http://www.queensblade.net/kimibito/
It will be open for voting until April 19.

A collection of submitted designs can also be found here: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
There are definitely some interesting designs in there. I like the spider girl and the bound girl with the giant blade on her leg the best.


Personally I liked that Type-A felt closest to the original design and is very sexy imo (especially whatever is going on in the gentalia region. How does that stuff stay on? It’s almost like she’s just not wearing anything underneath at all), but in the end I chose Type-B black because I like the femininity and dancer look to her. The flowing cloth looks really nice, but I think the tentacles work better. In any case overall I still find Type-B the most attractive, cuz I mean come on, it’s Queen’s Blade. It’s all about the ladies lol. I also chose black version cuz there’s a lack of dark-skinned ladies in the series (there’s only Irma). I liked Type-C the least, mostly because of the enlarged…elephant trunk? lol Granted they all have some sort of appendage sticking out there, but the squirting elephant trunk thing is just kinda weird.

4 Responses to “[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter”

  1. April 12, 2009 at 7:20 am

    First Aldora and now another girl with a thing a girl shouldnt have?

    Sorry but not my cup of tea ^^;;;

    Out of the 3 my fav. is Type B P 1

  2. 2 Supabota
    April 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Strap-on/fake futanari girl is a perfect match for F.S. For me, its a tie between Type A and Type C black. I like my brown girls, so I have that skin color gets fixed. Plus, she is suppose to be like a arabian dancer. 😀

  3. 3 Fabius
    July 2, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Well for those who like trannys she’s/he’s a good choice, for the humans she/he is disgusting. What idiot will place a penis-like panties in a girl? I think the designer of this character have to save “his” (erotic) dreams for “himself”.

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