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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Haha a little late but I’m still catching the tail end of the day! 2 more minutes to go till the 15th here lol.

So anyway, hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day, or just a nice day in general.




I know I’m massively late on Cherry Girls and stuff, but I’ve been working on it bit by bit (in between Valkyria Chronicles, Prince of Persia, and soon Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2 lol)… Hopefully I’ll have something to put up sometime this week! Also, didn’t update on this, but starting in February, every 2nd and 4th week of the month — when the mini-columns usually take place — will be replaced by a diary entry by one of the four brothers, starting with an entry about Yuki from just this last Friday’s update! Illustrations for this new feature will be handled by Panta. The comics are still ongoing.


Happy Lunar New Year 2009!

Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Xin Nien Kuai Le!
Akemashite Omedetou!

and all sorts of other ways to say it lol

Happy Moo Year 2009!


[Figures] Niθ x Alter x Hobby Japan collabo…!!

Ahh I love it when great people work together! Over at Hobby-Channel, they’ve got a special bit of news announcing a project that parent company Hobby Japan will be working on for their 40th anniversary celebration alongside with awesome illustrator Niθ and also excellent figure company Alter. This dream project (oh they all are, aren’t they? lol ^^) is called “Hyakka Ryoran -Samurai Girls-“ (Hyakka Ryoran / 百花繚乱 meaning an abundant blooming of flowers, or a gathering of beautiful women), and the official site just opened today. This will be a somewhat full fledged project along with Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade series and Cherry Girls as well. It will encompass so far I think a short novel, as well as the yummy figures that we all want.


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2009 Happy New Years!

wow Nao… o.O


Not quite on the dot, but hey better late than never huh? lol
Anyway hope everybody had a nice 2008, and is lookin forward to a wonderful 2009. I think my blog is just almost a year old now o.O Even though i didn’t really update a whole lot in the past number of months lol. Thanks to all the people who’ve stopped by and checked things out, thanks to all the friends I’ve met through blogging, and thanks to all the people who’ve been coming back week after week in support of my translation efforts of Cherry Girls. Pretty much that’s the only thing that has been keeping people coming back to my site I think…so thanks everybody for that.


And speaking of Cherry Girls, about what Sarumanu pointed out in the comments on the Cherry Girls page. I forgot where I read it and not sure if it’s the same place that Sarumanu saw it at, but NO, Cherry Girls is not ending! Be happy! lol

They will just be taking a break for the month of January, and instead of story and comic updates, every week they will be revealing Cherry Girls illustrations drawn by fan artists of the series. Regular story and comic/column updates will resume once again in February.

And yup as Sarumanu pointed out, a Drama CD has been decided upon. Details will be released sometime later on Hobby-Channel.

As for the yet untranslated portions of the story (Story 8 and the comics), I’ll have those done this month before the next story is released (erm…maybe… lol). Might get started on them this weekend since I’ve finally got more than a couple days away from work -_-


Anyway, make some of them new years resolutions and I’ll see you around in 2009.


Play-Asia 15% off clearing out sale

Play-Asia’s moving locations and need to lighten their load before the move. Their solution? They’ve got a sale running till the the 31st of October on their site with 15% off ALL In stock items (as usual this excludes new items that were stocked within the last 30 days and preorder items). Go have a ball. A number of figures listed after the jump. There are a number of fairly good deals.


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[Books] Queen’s Gate new book — Shiranui Mai

As if there were any doubt that she’d make an appearance! When Iroha was introduced (or I guess officially Nijihara Ink….well technically Alice was the start of it all when she literally opened up the Queen’s Gate…) to the Queen’s Gate world I think she opened up the…uh…floodgates for this kinda thing. We’ll probably be seeing many more anime characters (something like Ikkitousen or Sekirei are probably the perfect candidates, though we already see them with little clothes to begin with lol) and game characters (one or few of many DoA girls?) in the future. Might see a few original characters pop up here and there, though maybe they would better fit within the Queen’s Blade universe instead.


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[Otaku and stuff] Play-Asia summer sale! 25% off in-stock items!!

Play-Asia is now running their summer sale, which will end in 10 days! ALL in-stock items (except for video game systems and new items released in the last 30 days I believe) will have an automatic 25% taken off!

edit: I stand corrected! Coupons CAN be stacked with this sale! I know cuz I just tried lol. I think I must have been thinking about the weekly special…

Play-Asia 25% off summer sale

Figure bargains below $10
Figure bargains $10 to $20
Figure bargains $20 and above


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