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[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter (part 2)

Well the voting is over, and the winner for the fan’s pick was Type-C black (supabota you got your pick!), with Type-C white coming in a very close second. In fact it was so close that they’re considering doing something with Type-C white as well. Anywho the next part to this is now to come up with a name for her. When coming up with a name they’re asking for fans to come up with both a title and name (so for example something like “The Steel Princess Yuumil” or “The Angel of Light Nanael”).

For those who can type in Japanese, here’s the site for your brainstorming pleasure:




[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter

Sure has been awhile since I last had any other update besides Cherry Girls lol. Anyway a little while ago Hobby Japan held an event where fans could submit their own designs for a Queen’s Blade character. HJ has chosen a design from those submissions and seems will be giving the design her own book, but before that they want fans’ opinions on how to adapt the original design for the Queen’s Blade universe. To this end they’re holding a survey for fans to choose out of three designs, two with alternate colors. Cool stuff.



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[Books] Nishi E Da’s first art collection!

Image from AkibaBlog. More pics through the link. Some more also at Moeyo.

Nishi E Da, another one of my favorite artists that I know mainly from his numerous Comic Megastore H covers, is getting his first illustration collection! Just released on the 25th, the title of the collection is “Dendrobium”, which apparently is the name of a large family of orchids. Orchids in the language of flowers relates to love or beauty, and I think it is an appropriate title for the book because in my opinion Nishi E Da’s women are all so very purdy lol. His faces have a touch to them that are quite attractive, and is one of few artists that I’m able to recognize from the distinct style. The book contains a whoppin 270 pages of goodness which collects his cover illustrations and pinups for Comic Megastore H from the very first issue till around the June or July 2008 issue when he switched over to illustrating covers for Comic Megastore (taking over for Sonobe Kazuaki), with Ooyari Ashito of erogame maker LittleWitch taking his place for Megastore H. I will definitely have to either order this from Amazon JP or attempt to find it locally which probably won’t happen for awhile, but it will happen. Oh yes it will… This book will one day sit alongside my collection of favorite artbooks including those by INO, Sano Toshihide, Happoubi Jin, Hyung Tae Kim, and Keiji Gotou.

Availability: J-List | Amazon JP (if you can somehow order through them)


[Ero] Tinklebell’s latest work, official site open! ~Rondo Duo~

Hey all how was your Thanksgiving weekend?? Any good Black Friday/Saturday/getting ready for Cyber Monday deals? lol Anyway quick update before I leave for work! Doujin erogame soft maker Tinklebell updated their site over the weekend, opening up an official page for their newest work in progress (being worked on alongside Music Box of the Sun), the latest in the Punyupuri series — Rondo Duo! Super ecchi dynamism! The Rondo will never end!

Check it out here!



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Play-Asia 15% off clearing out sale

Play-Asia’s moving locations and need to lighten their load before the move. Their solution? They’ve got a sale running till the the 31st of October on their site with 15% off ALL In stock items (as usual this excludes new items that were stocked within the last 30 days and preorder items). Go have a ball. A number of figures listed after the jump. There are a number of fairly good deals.


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[Ero] New Tinklebell title in the works!

Oh yes! Kimochi ga Daiji!


Anyway, doujin soft and Punyupuri series creator Tinklebell updated their site over the weekend with news that they have a new title that will be worked on alongside their currently in production title, Taiyou no Orugooru (Musicbox of the Sun). The new work is titled Rondo Duo ~Yoake no Fortissimo~ (Rondo II – The Dawn’s Fortissimo), and presumably will be a direct sequel or otherwise related to Rondo ~Punyupuri Joshikouhen (Punyupuri High School Girls Edition), which was released back in 2005. Details are next to none, the only information being that it’ll be using their Super 2.5EXD animation technique which has been in use for their past 3 titles, starting with Tsun★Dere! ~Punyupuri EX~. Though I don’t know if they’ve been refining the engine with each successive title or not. With Punyupuri XX ~Yamiyo to Hoshi no Meidokan~ (“Maid House of the stars and the dark night” or something like that. I never did come up with a good translation for the title…), they mentioned that Ver2.00 of the engine was in use. It certainly seems that they’ve definitely been working on it though, as they went all out for Tsun★Dere! II ~Tsukiakari no Raspberry~PunyupuriEXE (Moonlight Raspberry), and boy did it look spectacular especially for a flash/AfterEffects based game.

Well all we can do right now is wait for the updates which come few and far in between when it comes to Tinklebell. But as long as they keep working on new titles, I’m a happy camper. Tinklebell banzai!


[Ero] New Queen’s Blade characters added

Well as I always say, any Queen’s Blade/Gate news is always good news. The Queen’s Blade website recently updated their page to reflect the newest additions to the QB lineup. Their announcements were covered in the January and March issues of japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan, and now they’ve officially made their way into the roster, complete with background story, profile, and of course the all important 3 sizes. Their books are scheduled to go on sale on 6/20.




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