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[figures] Griffon Enterprises Cold Cast 1/6 Queen’s Blade Reina

Griffon Enterprise’s line up coming in the next few months, originally scooped by Heisei Democracy and also talked a little bit about here, has finally started to leak out into the pre-order world. Their first of four cold cast resin/pvc completed 1/6 scale figures from the Queen’s Blade series has been listed up on Amiami, and it be Reina. Think other places should put her up sometime soon, and hopefully the rest of the completed figures will also start making their way onto stores. Definitely looking forward to Echidna 😮 And the two Ryomou Shimei pvc figures that they’ve got in the pipeline.


[ero] Tsukiakari no Raspberry, March 1st official release! *1/31 Update*

Well that countdown ended a bit quicker than I thought it would, but hey good news for the fans right? As in the update to my last post about this, the heart that was growing bigger said a promotional movie will be released on Valentine’s Day (2/14). Well today the heart hit maximum and the site opened up again, to a wonderful new overhaul displaying pics and scenes from Tsukiakari no Raspberry, with an official release date of March 1st! Even better yet, there is enough material in the “game” (visual flash novel) that will fill up an entire dvd! Yup, the product page for Tsukiakari reveals that it’ll be a whopping 4.7GB large! That’s roughly 4x the size of their previous work, which in turn was just about 2x larger than the first TsunDere! That’s some nutty advancement there!

Tinklebell Homepage

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[figures] Niθ + Kotobukiya + Plamo collaboration @ Winter WonderFest 2008

Originally scooped by Shingo @ Heisei Democracy in his posts here and here from Hobby Japan magazine previews, the collaboration work between Nitroplus illustrator Niθ, figure maker Kotobukiya, model building TV program “Plamo Tsukurou Custom,” and sculptor Shirahige Tsukuru has resulted in an original figure creation that looks pretty sweet.

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[ero] new tinklebell game update! *finally!*

Whoa whoa after a little over a year since the initial announcement, and more than half a year since the last update, Tinklebell has finally put an update (sort of) for what I think should be their latest Punyupuri title, “Tsukiakari no Raspberry ~Tsun★Dere II~” (The Moonlight’s Raspberry), the sequel to 2005’s PunyuPuri EX ~Tsun★Dere~!!


1/27 Update:
Well the heart’s gotten bigger, and it appears that there is some writing on the heart. Guess we’ll find out in a few days what it says! Countdowns are so stupidly exciting I can barely contain myself lol

1/28 Update:
Some of the text is starting to become legible, and it seems the big date to look forward to will probably be Valentine’s Day, 2/14. I didn’t notice this before either since my web browser volume is usually turned down pretty low, but there is a meek music-box sounding tune that plays as well. Starts off a bit happy, but then actually turns a bit eerie for me lol.

1/29 Update:

2008 2, 14
Saint Valentine’s Day
Promotion Movie
Release full release? 😦 Oh well at least this means that they’re working on it haha. That’s about as good a sign that they’re alive as we can get!

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[anime] RightStuf sale!

Right Stuf has one of their famous 10 dvds for $50, or 25 dvds for $100 on ADV Film titles! RightStuf has these every now and then for different studios including Funimation, Geneon (in the past now…or I guess until their stock runs out), etc. I was able to score the entire series of Gungrave and Koi Kaze for $50 last year when they ran one of these for Geneon titles! Great since they are within my top 10 favorite anime titles. You can pick up entire series, or flesh out your collection if you are missing some volumes of a particular series here and there.

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[Games] AMAZING new FFXIII and FF Versus XIII scans!

New scans have popped up for Square Enix’s upcoming PS3 exclusive set of games set in the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe! These scans look simply awesome (imo) and totally can’t wait until it finally starts shipping. It’s also been confirmed that there will be a playable demo showcasing the game’s new battle system “coming soon.” Don’t know if the demo’s for FFXIII, VersusXIII, or both though. When “soon” is we don’t really know, but when asked when the game will see a full release, the game devs/design/somebody simply replied with a “I wonder when we’ll be able to sleep…”

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[figures] Chu Chu Astram from GoodSmile Co.

GoodSmile has put up a listing for their newest figure, ChuChu Astram, from the ero game Chu x Chu Idol, by UnisonShift. She has almost total cast-off-ability (all the important bits), on top of an already revealing outfit. Her release will be in May, and is priced at 6,800 Yen.

Amiami and HobbyStock (Japanese shops) have put up a preorder page for the figure, as has ToysLogic and KidNemo (English sites). Other places will be sure to follow soon.

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