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[ero] Tsukiakari no Raspberry release eve

Since I got nothin else, just wanted to remind the folks who are interested that Tinklebell’s latest title, “Tsukiakari on Raspberry” is bein released on March 1st, 12am Japan Time sharp (at least on DLsite Maniax) which, at the time of this writing, should be in just a little over three hours. By this time, all the character introductions and screenshots have been introduced on the product page. The download is supposed to be a large 4.7gb, so those eager to jump right into it should maybe get it started before headin off to work in the morning so it’ll be ready by the time the socks come off back at home lol. Price has still yet to be determined. All of their Punyupuri titles thus far have made it just around the $20 range though, with their previous title YamiMaid coming in at a little over that mark, so it shouldn’t be too farfetched to assume a similar price. This is by far the largest download I’ve ever seen on DLsite though, so who knows…


Game is now released and can be grabbed here:
DLsite Maniax (accepts international credit cards as well)
ToranoAna Download Store


[anime] School Days final volume Director’s Cut dvd out

Peeped this over on Akibablog. The final dvd volume of the anime School Days saw a Director’s Cut release today in Japan. The original on air tv version of the final episode censored the blood in the final chapter of the story due to a murder involving a teenage girl that hacked her father to death with an axe that occurred in Japan just prior to the airing. To avoid association with the murder, the episode was delayed, but was later shown with the censored blood. I dunno if the censorship involved just the blood, or if some scenes were cut as well, though it didn’t look like any of the scenes were cut at all from what I saw. In all honesty I don’t even know why they censored the blood; the violence was pretty brutal in itself imo. If anything was cut though, this director’s cut dvd would surely include them. Fans of the series that felt somehow incomplete (black blood doesn’t make sense…unless…omg Makoto was a robot!!) with the aired final episode can now rejoice.


AkibaBlog entry with images of scenes from the uncut dvd showing in stores

Wiki article for School Days with information on the murder


[figures] lusting after new figures from WonderFest

HOLY CRAP, I thought Heisei Democracy’s Hobby Japan preview a couple days back was mindblowing, well the barrage of pics from WonderFest from various hobby sites just gave me a total braingasm x5. This isn’t a complete coverage by any means (I’ll leave it to the folks who are actually getting the news to do that), but I picked out a number of mostly PVC figures that caught my eye and immediately induced high levels of “DO WANT”.

Images taken from various sources:
AkibaBlog | AkibaHobby
AkibaOS | Heisei Democracy
HobbyDog | Insecure Zone
Ota★Suke | Unjust Area


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[figures] Reflect’s Cammy ver. 2 more pics

Yesterday, Reflect’s Yoshizawa Mitsumasa updated his blog with a first look at a completed version of his new Cammy resin kit to be sold at the WonderFest, and I went on about buggin over figures’s eyes and all that crap lol. Today, he updated his blog again to get a more full look at the Cammy figure, and I dunno if it’s just me or if Mitsumasa refined the figure some more, but I don’t feel as if there’s anything wrong with the figure anymore lol.




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[anime] RightStuf sale; at least 40% off all Bandai DVDs and CDs

From now until March 3rd, RightStuf’s having another great sale, offering 40% off all Bandai DVDs and CDs! Just use the coupon code below during checkout.

Code: bebop

You can check out a list of everything that’s on sale here.
Some nice series to get after the jump.


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[figures] Kotobukiya’s new Elwin shows up finished

Found this in the anime merchandise section of the HongFire forums. Forum member Kouji-kun has gotten a hold of a picture of a completed and painted version of this figure from a local import store.






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[books] New Queen’s Gate character Iroha (yes from Samurai Spirits/Showdown!)

Heisei Democracy has picked up on a listing on japanese online bookstore MangaOh Club for a new Queen’s Gate character: Samurai Spirits’ own Iroha, illustrated by a great artist Iidzuki Tasuku (aka TentenHuuhuu). Shingo at HD commented that this’ll mark the first actual fighting game character to hit the Queen’s series. Though the Queen’s Gate spin off is still somewhat of a fledgling series, I wonder if this will probably become a regular occurrence? QG does pull characters from an alternate universe separate from the Queen’s Blade series (ie characters that we’re already familiar with…though i don’t know where Gate Opener Alice comes from), so this may be possible. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see maybe Shana or one of the Dead or Alive girls (perhaps Kasumi or Ayane? if we’re to keep with the characters with weapons theme, though there are others) make it to the series. Anyway the release seems to be set for an April 18th street date, priced I think the same as every other Queen’s series book out there. Cool stuff.

extra thoughts: I would love to see Balsa from the anime Seirei no Moribito make it here! She is an awesome character and fighter, though I doubt she’ll make an appearance cuz she’d probably whoop on you so bad for trying to cast off her clothes…

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