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[Anime] Queen’s Blade stuff

A new PV for 2009’s Queen’s Blade anime is floatin around. Check it out! Looks good for what most people might see as just a fanservice anime lol. Character designs by Rinshin, who’s done many a hentai series including the class La Blue Girl, Twin Angels, Words Worth, and also worked design and animation for Elfen Lied, To-Love-Ru, and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (info pulled from wiki..yay). Confirmed characters include the latest characters introduced into the QB universe Arein and Aldora. Joining them will be the sisters Reina, Erina, and Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Echidna, Melona, Listy, Nowa, Cattleya, Yuumil, Airi, Menasu and Shizuka. There may be others that weren’t shown in the trailer as well.


In other Queen’s Blade (or rather Gate) news, the latest news to come out from Comiket75 (which just started yesterday or so), is the announcement of a new character in the Queen’s Gate universe. Continuing with the line of characters from fighting games (previously Iroha and Mai from Samurai Spirits), comes the character Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series.

Image from AkibaHobby. More C75 coverage at the link.
Also check out Moeyo’s coverage. Nagi Nendoroid!.
When you’re done with that, you can check out some beautiful sunset shots of the Tokyo Big Sight at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of C75, this is completely random for this post, but I liked it so I wanna post it lol.

Beautiful looking Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica) figure from Kotobukiya and GA. Full sample coverage of her over at GA Graphic.


Play-Asia 15% off clearing out sale

Play-Asia’s moving locations and need to lighten their load before the move. Their solution? They’ve got a sale running till the the 31st of October on their site with 15% off ALL In stock items (as usual this excludes new items that were stocked within the last 30 days and preorder items). Go have a ball. A number of figures listed after the jump. There are a number of fairly good deals.


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[Anime] Code Geass R2 ending and comic

So, what’d you all think of the ending to Code Geass R2? A lot of people seem to be clamoring for a “Lelouch is alive and boning C.C. all day long living a happy life with C.C.” ending (which I think seems to be the more rabid fanbase… >.> lol), but personally I think that he really took one for the world, and that is not Lelouch driving the cart at the end. He’d already made his resolve to sacrifice himself when he devised the Zero Requiem with Suzaku, C.C., and probably Orange, and Lelouch is the kind of guy that when he sets a goal, he goes for it (duh…he was Emperor of Britannia and pretty much the freakin world). He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take the “Haha suckers I win in the end” way out after what he’s been through to have his cake and eat it too. *points at Schneizel*

To have him be alive at the end for me kinda cheapens the events that preceded it; The entire emotional realization from key characters that no, he wasn’t the megalomaniac emperor everybody thinks he is, but the savior of the world.

This image I put together of Nunnally really gets to me… not because it’s loli in chains (who is really super skinny ><), but because of what happens right after she has that look T_T


Anyway, that’s my personal view on it. I guess the ending was made for this kind of speculation to be raised across the net. Everybody has their views on it, and it doesn’t seem like any amount of persuading is working on anybody from either side (I’ve already been snapped at by the other camp at the HongFire forums, when I was just sayin something about it >.>). There is the thing with Nunnally being able to see Lelouch’s memories, thus him having the Code and reviving at some later point in time, which looks suspicious for my case, but let’s just say…the Code works in mysterious ways… >.>


ANYWAY, the point of this post was that a member from HongFire’s CGR2 discussion thread (thanks, S&T) posted this single comic page in japanese. Dunno where he got it from, but for fans of the Lelouch-is-alive ending, this is for you. I translated it so it can give you guys that warm fuzzy feeling from the ending you’ve been looking for lol. The Lelouch-is-dead camp doesn’t need anything to support it, because that’s what happened ;P (lol just kidding…*hides*)


[Anime] Initial D Extra Stage 2 OVA, story info + screens

Looks like a new Initial D OVA will be making its way onto DVD (and on japanese pay-per-view on Oct 3, info via wiki) for the series’ 10 year anniversary 😀 Hobby Channel’s got a short summary of what the new OVA will be about, as well as a small number of screenshots, release date, and soundtrack info. This new OVA will be Extra Stage 2 ~Tabidachi no Green~, continuing Mako and Iketani’s story from First Stage and the Extra Stage 1 OVA. The subtitle breaks down as, “Green (the color of Iketani’s S13), setting off on a journey.”




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[Anime] Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ feat. Happoubi Jin

Pretty unknown to me till today, seems this is going to be a new all encompassing project that will include music cds, games (ds maybe?), figures, character goods, and an anime among a few other things. Of notable interest is that the characters are designed by Happoubi Jin (Resort Boin, Kanojo x3, Sweet Body artbook)!




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[Anime] Gatchaman CG movie

Well I didn’t even know a Gatchaman movie was being worked on lol. This CG movie is in the works by animation studio Imagi, who was responsible for last year’s TMNT CG movie, and is also working on a CG Astroboy, which will be out along with Gatchaman in 2009. Felix Ip, the creative director at Imagi has a few exclusive screenshots on his blog which have not been released or shown yet, not even at the San Diego Comic Con (There are also a few concept art pieces on Imagi’s site). To be honest I don’t really remember watching Gatchaman/G-Force, but those shots look pretty damn cool. CG + Anime influences + Scifi = hell yea for me! I thought the TMNT CG movie looked very good also, so this should turn out to be pretty mindgasmic in the visuals department.


Here’s a summary of the movie/project from Imagi’s site:

Set in a future world grappling with environmental and technological issues, the story focuses on five reluctant heroes whose remarkable genetic code makes them Earth’s only hope of defeating extra-terrestrial invaders. Gatchaman will be a big, effects-rich movie with some of the most ambitious action sequences ever seen in animation.

Gatchaman was created by Japan’s Tatsunoko Production in the early 1970s as a television series called Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Aired in the U.S. as Battle of the Planets and G-Force, it soon became one of the top syndicated shows.


Maybe this is the direction the Dragonball movie should’ve gone in eh? lol


[Games] Street Fighter IV anime trailer

Wow. Wish they were makin another anime movie of Street Fighter, cuz this looks awesome. They could even add another Chun Li shower scene *nod nod* lol!

High quality 720p version for download at
Random youtube posting for the purposes of embedding here, cuz it’s the only way I know how lol.


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