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[Figures] Reflect’s Cheerleader Yoko

A couple weeks back, Yoshizawa Mitumasa (REFLECT), updated his blog to show off a bit of what he’s been doin lately: Yoko cheerleader version, based on an illustration from the Yoko Pictures Collection artbook! He thought the illustration in the book was pretty cute, so he decided to play with the idea of a Yoko figure. He’d like to make a Yoko figure for release, but as of yet that’s not in the works. This looks like a good start though if he decides to go ahead with it!




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[Games] Angol Fear comes to town

Well here’s a bit of interesting news. A recent announcement for more new appearing characters (not necessarily brand new) in the Soul Calibur IV universe comes word that a brand new character guest designed by Yoshizaki Mine, will be making her debut. Her name is Angol Fear, and she is some kind of cousin to Angol Mois, from the anime and manga series Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Keroro), by the same artist.




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Play-Asia Easter sale 20% off all in stock items until 3/31!

Well lookie what we have here! Play-Asia is running an Easter sale from now until 3/31 for 20% off all in stock items! If you’ve been waitin for that one thing to drop just a few bucks before pouncing on it, now would be your chance! No coupon code or anything needed, all in stock items have already been marked down! edit: Sorry though I said all in stock items, they mean all in stock items *except* new items that have been released within the past 30 days! Sorry! Still a ton of stuff to look for though lol.

Head on over to Play-Asia and check things out! ^^

They’ve added quite a few figures to their bargain section while I wasn’t looking, but most of them are already sold out! I can’t believe that so many went out so fast lol. There are still some nice grabs lying around though, so it might still be worth a look. Things get restocked regularly as well, so it’s all about keepin a good look out.

Btw, not just figures, but imported and domestic games, music cds, imported dvds/blurays, every category is on sale (for some who may not have been to Play-Asia before, they sell all sorts of things, and are quite legit. They don’t deal with bootlegs).


[Figures] Shana’s waitin for your (pre)order

Seein as how I’ve been watching Shana (first season, which I’m going to be finishing up tonight then moving on to Shana II), I think maybe the timing of the preorder announcement for this figure is trying to tell me something!






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[Figures] Kotobukiya’s Muse Elf

Akiba Hobby comes at us with a picture preview of Kotobukiya’s web shop exclusive figure — Muse Elf, a long ranged attacker character class in the world of the free to play Korean online mmorpg Mu Online ~Continent of Legend~. The character has been illustrated for the Japanese Mu Online site by Yamashita Shunya if you couldn’t tell lol.





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[Figures] New Queen’s Blade stuff

I dunno about you but I always love Queen’s Blade news. The latest news comes courtesy of Shingo at HeiseiDemocracy, who found an early preview of the May issue of japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan over on japanese image board 2chan. The preview covers PVC figures of Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice (produced by Alpha x Omega, a joint effort between Megahouse and Alter), Queen’s Blade’s Assassin of a Thousand Faces Melona (Megahouse), a resin kit of QB’s Warrior Miko Tomoe (Griffon’s R-Line), and the revelation of a new QB character to debut alongside Combat Instructor Arein in June.



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[Figures] The three faces of Horo

Horo Horo Horo~ Who doesn’t love Horo? Following Ookami to Koushinryou’s (Spice and Wolf) animefication, I think many many people have taken quite a liking to her to warrant a figure-ization of the character. So here now we have three makers, three sculptors, and three different renditions of Horo. Both good and bad, here’s a comparison of the three.





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