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[Otaku] Japanese robotic humanoid flyer dispensers

Well not really, but it sure looked like it lol. I saw this over at Akibablog and thought it was an interesting “performance.” Basically these two people were standing right outside the Akihabara train station as still as a statue with flyers in their hands. If anybody took a flyer, they would move like robots and ready another flyer in their hands. They were promoting some kind of doujin circle called BadEnd that produces their own voice drama surrounding a cast of interesting characters in a magic school. Can find more information and 4 chapters of a story they’ve put together in mp3 form at their site.



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[Games] Balrog/M. Bison & Vega/Balrog in SFIV

Say what now? lol Oh right Japanese and International character names were changed around (just for those who didn’t know). Just saw this over at Hobby Channel, but it seems a couple of new (old) additions have been made to Street Fighter IV. Two of the original four bosses in the Street Fighter II series (nicknamed the Big Four; Literally “The Four Heavenly Kings” in japanese) Balrog and Vega (M. Bison and Balrog in Japanese version) will be making an appearance in the game. I dunno what new characters have been added since the last time I wrote something about SF4, so I dunno what the count is at now, but of course the more characters the better. I think they need to add more new and original characters though. I also don’t know if the other two bosses Sagat and M. Bison (Sagat and Vega in the Japanese version) have or will be announced yet, but I think if Balrog and Vega are in, they should be following soon after. Some screenshots after jump.


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[Review] Alter’s Franco Il Nero, “Ptew Ptew! Gotcha!”

When I first started this blog, I originally intended for it to be an outlet for photography, which I’d just started learning about, and anime figures, also which I’d just started collecting. Over the course of the months though, I haven’t done nearly as much figure photography as I’d wanted to. Hopefully though, this’ll start getting me back into things going into the future (you don’t have my word on that lol)! So anyway, finally after months of waiting, one of my very first figure preorders finally makes her way into my hands!

The quote in the title is from Family Guy’s Blue Harvest Star Wars special, in case you were wondering why it’s “Ptew Ptew” and not the more appropriate “Bang Bang” lol


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[Figures] More awesomeness to look out for in the coming year (Megahouse and Niθ heavy!)

Good news from Heisei Democracy, who’s gotten a hold of a preview of the upcoming June issue of Hobby Japan, courtesy of 2ch’s board for hobbyists. Lots of nice figures including Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice boost (adult) version, a painted Queen’s Blade Melona, and some Code Geass trading figures from Bandai. More stuff after the jump.




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[Ero] New Queen’s Blade characters added

Well as I always say, any Queen’s Blade/Gate news is always good news. The Queen’s Blade website recently updated their page to reflect the newest additions to the QB lineup. Their announcements were covered in the January and March issues of japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan, and now they’ve officially made their way into the roster, complete with background story, profile, and of course the all important 3 sizes. Their books are scheduled to go on sale on 6/20.




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[Otaku] New releases, preorders, and previews

A number of things dropped in the past couple days that I’m looking forward to. First off Akibablog reminded me that the new book in the Queen’s Gate series has been released. Akiba Hobby has posted a sample review of Kotobukiya’s Sennin Narika. From Heisei Democracy and comes a listing showing that GoodSmile Company’s Hayase Mitsuki in swimsuit is available for preorder now. And lastly, a one shot of an interesting looking Kanu Unchou figure (in Three Kingdom’s era armor), which should be hitting later in the year.



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[Movies] Live action Ghost in the Shell movie??

So as with most of the stuff I post here, I recycle from a great source of otakusphere news Heisei Democracy, and this bit of news is also from there. A bit of interesting news this is… a live action infused with 3D version of Ghost in the Shell movie?? Directed by Steven Spielberg?? This could be pretty great I suppose; I haven’t really ever been disappointed by movies directed by Spielberg, so I don’t see why this would either (well…except if the script completely blows). I think Spielberg probably knows what he’s doing though and will probably make the best of what he’s got to work with and give his own input. I doubt he is the kind of person to tackle a universe he knows nothing about.

Full article about this can be read here.

Useless trivia: I went to the same high school that Steven Spielberg went to lol.


Don’t know where the picture came from, so I can’t give credit where it’s due. Sorry!

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