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[Review] Queen’s Gate – The Gate Opener Alice

Yay, I finally have a full Alice to play around with! She is one of few figures in my collection in which I had no hesitation preordering off the bat, and having her in my hands now, she doesn’t disappoint (except for an initial manufacturer’s mistake which you can read about at the end of this post). This be the opener of the Queen’s Gate, Alice!





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[Review] Shana Twins want to take your order (or not)

Got these twins just over the weekend, and they make my first Shana(s) and first repaint! Just couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I ended up with both -_- Damned is the power of repaints!! I hope this doesn’t become a trend, cuz that would just become a tremendous sink for me lol. Only reason I got both of them this time is because Shana actually appears with dark hair and red hair.





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[Review] The Steel Princess Yuumil

My first Queen’s blade figure finally arrives 😛 This is the R-2 repaint of the Steel Princess Yuumil, sportin a serious darker color scheme with blacks, dark purples, and red eyes.






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[Review] Shuraki Trinity Box-04: Nida Schuetlich

Ahh and after nearly half a year in wait, my first ever figure preorders finally reaches my grubby little hands from KidNemo Company! Her name is Nida Schuetlich, and she is also the first figure from Goodsmile Company X Red Entertainment‘s collaboration figure series/world Shuraki Trinity to hang out with my other figures. She was designed by Yamashita Shunya, and was translated very well to pvc by Hagii Shunji.




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[Review] Goodsmile / Comic Gum’s pearl black Ryomou Shimei

Again I’ve been putting this off for so long lol. I got this lovely Ryomou Shimei in nearly a month ago, which brings my total Ryomou count to two now ^^ Somehow when I first started collecting figures I was totally attracted by Ryomou Shimei, even though I’d only seen a few episodes of Ikkitousen. After a few months of figure collecting, I finally get my second figure of her and am reminded of why I’m attracted to her in the first place. :3




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[Review] Alter’s Franco Il Nero, “Ptew Ptew! Gotcha!”

When I first started this blog, I originally intended for it to be an outlet for photography, which I’d just started learning about, and anime figures, also which I’d just started collecting. Over the course of the months though, I haven’t done nearly as much figure photography as I’d wanted to. Hopefully though, this’ll start getting me back into things going into the future (you don’t have my word on that lol)! So anyway, finally after months of waiting, one of my very first figure preorders finally makes her way into my hands!

The quote in the title is from Family Guy’s Blue Harvest Star Wars special, in case you were wondering why it’s “Ptew Ptew” and not the more appropriate “Bang Bang” lol


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[Review] The little devil Kinoshita Rumi

Sooo I really put this thing off cuz I’ve been part lazy, part still trying to figure out how to set up proper lighting, and part figuring out how to set things up with my camera. And also, I need to get a tripod cuz I hate taking handheld shots with the kind of lighting conditions I’m in…

Anyway! Here we have a cute girl by the name of Kinoshita Rumi. She’s a character from a recent iteration of the long running Pia Carrot erogame series by F&C, Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O. (Welcome to Pia Carrot!! Grand Open). The figure is sculpted by Sunny Day of Cerberus Project, and is part of Yamato’s Story Image Figure Extra series.


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