[Cherry Girls] Cherry Girls Drama CD — The voices behind the girls (guys?)

So if anybody’s gotten tired of waiting for me to update, you’ve probably already headed on over to Hobby-Channel to read some stories and you might have also seen that they will be releasing a Drama CD at the upcoming Summer Comiket 76. This was last week. For this week, they’ve revealed who will be playing the voices of your favorite trap maids.


So what do you guys think?
The only one I really know is Kugimiya Rie and I like her voice, but imagining Zero no Tsukaima’s Louise or Rizelmine as Rio is kinda weird! haha She was different as Aisaka Taiga, but Rio is a character that has a lot of energy, so I don’t think Taiga version Rie is the right fit. I dunno though, sometimes you can only really come to like a voice once you hear them as the character.

I’ve heard Kitamura Eri in a number of her roles according to animenfo, but I can’t really place a finger on what she sounds like. I still have ToraDora around though so I took a listen to her as Ami. A bit high for Yuki? …but Ami is just one role, so I don’t think I can make an opinion on just one role.

I dunno much about Shiraishi Ryouko, so I can’t really comment much about her on Tomo lol.

And Takahashi Mikako as Nao… it’s sort of like with Yuki. I’ve heard her in a number of her roles, but can’t really remember what she sounds like lol. To be honest, I was kind of hoping Noto Mamiko would make it as Nao. Whether that is a good choice or not I dunno, but I love Noto Mamiko lol.


[Cherry Girls] Short Comic and Boy’s Diary 10-2

A beautiful maid that is a beautiful cosplayer… but Tomo-kun, a “boy,” has a secret that he’ll only show “you” over the net♪ He only wanted to show his latest costume creation, but the mood is gradually getting hotter… I, is it ok to show it off?! And also in the comic, Tomo-kun flashes glimpses of his delicate feelings (?). A “boy’s heart” is quite difficult to understand!


★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Short Comic and Diary 10-2
March 27, 2009


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[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 10, Chapter 2

Cherry Girls’ “male” maids, Yuki & Tomo, were relaxing in the hot springs when females entered the bath! Faced with a desperate situation and trying to escape, the two act like girls and seem to have completely fooled the others. They try to escape before their true identity is found out, but…just how will they be able to slip out of this?!


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[Cherry Girls] Short Comic and Boy’s Diary 10-1

While the other “boys” are working as maids, Tomo shows off his cosplay form as the net idol Momo-chan?! This may be the debut of Tomo-kun’s “My life at night♥” for “Boy’s Diary”…! And in the comic, we take a heartwarming look behind the scenes of the four brother’s trip to the hot springs to cool off (?)!


★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Short Comic and Diary 10-1
March 13, 2009


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[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 10, Chapter 1

Today, the maid cafe made up of all boys, 『Cherry Girls』, has a day off to rejuvenate! It’s a trip to the hot springs with everybody. Hot springs! Steam! The brothers are enthralled with…hey what are you getting excited for? They’re “boys” you know!


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[Cherry Girls] I’ve gotta hurry and get back…to updating!


I’ve got to get back to updating this 😦 Sorry for the lateness. I’m now 3 stories and comics behind…about 3 months :O A little more, now that they’re at 3 out of (soon to be) 4 chapters for story 12. There should be a new chapter from me soon (_-_)


[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter (part 2)

Well the voting is over, and the winner for the fan’s pick was Type-C black (supabota you got your pick!), with Type-C white coming in a very close second. In fact it was so close that they’re considering doing something with Type-C white as well. Anywho the next part to this is now to come up with a name for her. When coming up with a name they’re asking for fans to come up with both a title and name (so for example something like “The Steel Princess Yuumil” or “The Angel of Light Nanael”).

For those who can type in Japanese, here’s the site for your brainstorming pleasure:



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