[ero] Happy Valentines Day (or Single Awareness Day)~

So what’s everybody doing today? Receive any nice chocolates? I’m havin a pretty normal sad here, which is why I’ve got nothing better to do than to post a couple things here at this time of day. The promo movie for Tsukiakari was released, and Griffon released some information on upcoming Wonderfest resin cast garage kits (don’t really care about this), which hopefully will make the leap to completed PVC or resin & coldcast completed figures (this I do care about lol).





To start things off, if anybody’s been following my posts on Tinklebell’s latest work “Tsukiakari no Raspberry,” they’d’ve (talk about butchering words) known that the promotional movie for the title was finally released late yesterday. The demo movie weighs in at roughly 100mb, clocks at 3:45 long, and is in a flash executable format. It contains cuts of clips and voiceovers that lay down hints on what the story is about and also shows off the fluidity and emotion in the characters with their lip syncing and “2.5EXD ver.4” and “perfect doll” animation systems. I must say for a visual flash ADV it looks absolutely great. The scenes are full of vibrant colors (and very sharp and saturated colors) and chock full of dynamic animations, and it definitely looks like they took the time to massively undertake the illustration, coloring, and animating in the past year (I think all this is done by two people!). Still one thing I’m not really feeling though is the lip syncing. Sometimes it just looks like they just ate something that was too hot, and they’re flapping their tongues around to cool their mouth down. Aw well it’s all good though. I think the sum of the parts will overshadow any individual qualms I have.

You can grab the movie at these places: DLsite | Toranoana


Here are some shots from the movie that I thought were pretty nice


Now comes the two week long wait for the full release on March 1st!



On the figure side of things, Griffon Enterprises has finally updated their main and Wonderfest pages to include general and event specific releases. I’m really interested in seeing where the Wonderfest releases will go and whether or not they will make completed figure (PVC or coldcast) releases. Back here, it was mentioned that Griffon will be releasing two completed PVC figures of Ryomou Shimei (a recent new personal goddess of mine of sorts), as well as several resin/coldcast/pvc hybrid completed figures from the Queen’s Blade series. Griffon has finally provided pictures of one of the completed Ryomou figures, though in garage kit form. Kanu Unchou is there as well. The completed PVC version is slated to be released in April as per this flyer found in a japanese hobby magazine, but no details have come up about that yet…


China Dress version Ryomou Shimei and Kanu Unchou


Speaking of Ikkitousen characters, there’s also this garage kit of Teni. I haven’t seen Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny before, and I thought she was wielding two pretty wicked looking swords, but somebody told me that it’s supposed to be a bow that splits apart? *shrug* Now that I look at it, it does look like they belong together. In any case this figure looks pretty damn cool. Hope they can make that in PVC or somethin too.



And finally comes the Queen’s Blade figures. Though she is in garage kit form here, Echidna was introduced as a completed resin/coldcast hybrid figure, due to be released in May. As with the Ryomou figure though, there haven’t been any details about that I think. Next to Echidna is a really awesome looking Tomoe garage kit. Haven’t seen this one before, but I wonder if they will also release it as a completed figure? Seems she’ll only be on display and not for sale at the event, so hopefully somebody who’s attending will be able to snap up some nice pics of these figures.



In the flyer I mentioned above, Griffon announced two Ryomou Shimei figures, the China Dress version being one and shown up above. The other Ryomou figure, a Hiiro sculpted maid clothing version was expected to be released in March. Amiami has just put up a listing for that figure (with no pictures as of yet) set for release in May. Hopefully they will put up some pictures to check out how she looks soon, and gradually make her way to more preorder sites.

4 Responses to “[ero] Happy Valentines Day (or Single Awareness Day)~”

  1. February 14, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Hehe, the Tinkerbell game is looking nice~
    The models are also nice but none of them really tickle my fancy too much~ Which is good for my wallet~

  2. 2 AS
    February 14, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    Nice Kanu, wouldn’t mind getting her ^^. Happy Valentine’s day, my day will be spent studying and doing work T-T.

  3. February 18, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    “Sometimes it just looks like they just ate something that was too hot, and they’re flapping their tongues around to cool their mouth down”-ahahaha!! very apt description.

  4. May 8, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Tinklebell’s work is incredible, as is Slave. I very much want to get my hands on their 2.5exd system for my own art needs. It looks hella cool!

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